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Ancre 1

newborn europeans

The pictures plunges the public into the reality of those children who live their very first days on the european soil. Technically our first European refugees.

Before that the borders have been closed, the migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan were in a mad rush from the Greek islands to Central Europe. No more than six days to cross six countries. No more than a few hours in a camp, no time to rest, they have to pick up the next train, the next bus where they can sleep.

Today that the borders are closed, these six days have become eternity... and we appreciate how vital was this movement.

Waiting. A single word for two lived realities. Immobility, hope, pending a border that never open. An eternity. The pregnancy. 9 months.

After just crossing or being in Turkey for 1, 2 or 3 years, they escaped to Europe, crossing the see. Among them a lot of pregnant women. Once in Greece, the european soil. At the closed gates of hope are born their child. The right of soil against the right of birth. Are we all ready to accept those newborn as Europeans ?

Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, March-April, 2016

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