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fairy tale

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Text Thierry Lambert

Direction Sébastien Chollet

With Thibaut Nève et Rachid Benbouchta

Théâtre Les Riches-Claires, 12th to 28th november, 2015

The problem with fairy tales, it is because, even if that begins badly, we know that it will never arrive anything really serious. Things always work out for the best.

What would be nice for once it is that it begins badly and that it finishes badly also. That would change us.

It would be a fairy tale of a new kind. One that does not go well.

For example, to start with, what would be interesting as curtain raiser, it is a big misfortune. The death of the small hero for example, from the outset, that's a start.

And forbidden to resurrect him ! Dead, it's dead.

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